Nothing to see here

One of two things has happened: either I’ve well and truly lost my desire to carry on and enjoy this trip, or the stretch from Virginia to Florida is DULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Probably the latter. After Williamsburg, five days riding through the middle of Virginia and through North Carolina. There were lots of swamps, lots of forest […]

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Good morning Baltimore

From not Philadelphia to Baltimore, which is a town I knew nothing about, apart from a song in the musical Hairspray I’ve had the misfortune to hear. Turns out it’s a mixed city. Bits of it are lovely, bits are a dive. Started off cycling through some beautiful farmland to get there. One of the […]

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Getting fatigued

Forgive the boring, whiney post, but today kids, I’m going to talk about touring fatigue. Touring fatigue is a thing, and it happens when you’re on the road, cycling for a long time. It doesn’t have to be the three months I’ve put in so far, it can be weeks or days. Symptoms include sluggish […]

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