Geology rocks

Because there’s so much to see in the desert, I slowed down a bit through North Arizona and Utah to take it all in. Coyote Buttes is an area of Arizona which has been formed through extreme depositing and erosion cycles. As the wind shifted direction over time, there’s alternating patterns of rock. It’s very […]

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Headwindy, cultural exploitation

Sorry to leave Flagstaff behind (needs another visit), but there’s more to be discovered. Started with a detour to Sunset Crater, an extinct volcano which erupted last in the 11th century. The route to the volcano makes a semi-circle against the main road (highway 89), also taking in the Waputaki Monument and is an incredible […]

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The road to red rock

I’ve said a few times so far on this trip, that today is the best day of riding I’ve ever done – the two days from Prescott to Sedona, and Sedona to Flagstaff probably top it. Makes all the desert heat worthwhile. On leaving Prescott, I headed for the wonderfully named Mount Mingus (elevation 7,800′). […]

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Welcome to hell

“Welcome to hell” someone said to me today in response to me commenting on the heat. He wasn’t being cheery or playful or making small talk, he meant this is literally hell. While I wouldn’t share that view, it sure it hot. At the time of writing, the temperature is high 30s between about 9am […]

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South California and Mexico

Didn’t really like LA. Too many people, drivers are terrible and it’s sooo big. Started off well leaving Santa Barbara. I stopped for lunch in a poke restaurant (rice and raw fish – it’s a thing here) in a place called Port Hueneme. Got chatting to the waitress about my trip and she took my […]

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