Nothing to see here

One of two things has happened: either I’ve well and truly lost my desire to carry on and enjoy this trip, or the stretch from Virginia to Florida is DULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Probably the latter.

After Williamsburg, five days riding through the middle of Virginia and through North Carolina. There were lots of swamps, lots of forest and not a single hill to be found.

Plymouth to New Bern 001
Lots of this
Suffolk to Plymouth 002
And this
Williamsburg to Suffolk 013
And this

Had a memorable stop in a town called New Bern, which is famous for being the birthplace of Pepsi. I stayed in an eccentrically decorated B&B. The owner had a friend who was killed cycling and was practically in tears with worry when I left.

Plymouth to New Bern 010

Plymouth to New Bern 015

Plymouth to New Bern 014

Plymouth to New Bern 005

From there to Wilmington, which is one of North Carolina’s larger towns. Wilmington is home to a few plantations-turned-museums, but it was lashing rain when I had planned to go, so didn’t happen.

I did have the pleasure of a tour of the SS North Carolina, a large battleship which served in WWII. One of the ones with those big giant massive guns.

Jacksonville to Wilmington 005

Jacksonville to Wilmington 008
These guns can fire 24 miles (or 2 hours cycling) away

Wilmington’s a nice town to visit, but my barber hated it. It’s a university town and too many people hang around for the college lifestyle post-degree, when they really should be out in the world making something of themselves. All the bartenders and waiters have degrees in economics or physics, apparently.

Jacksonville to Wilmington 018

Jacksonville to Wilmington 004
With larger towns comes hipster: enjoying my deconstructed organic hamburger.

Jacksonville to Wilmington 003

If North Carolina was quiet, South Carolina was even worse. Didn’t stop for long in SC, though I do regret not making the trip into Charleston (could have gone to the Hootie and the Blowfish reunion tour). Probably one thing I did wrong was to avoid the main roads – thus avoiding medium sized cities that only have main roads leading to them. Main roads are fine.

South Carolina was pretty much forest, swamps and rain, including getting stuck in some thunderstorms which required me to ditch the bike and crouch in long grass for half an hour. Nothing to see here. It was so hot at the same time, that the rain could be seen evaporating from the ground.

Conway to Moncks Corner 002

Moncks Corner to South Point 002
Tintreach agus toirneach

Moncks Corner to South Point 008

After a brief stop at a dodgy looking motel full of scary looking shirtless, tatooed Mexicans, into Georgia. Stopping at another university town called Statesboro for some admin chores, bacon stuffed dates, and rest. Florida soon, which will be beautiful beaches and civilisation again.

Statesboro 001.JPG

Actually, that doesn’t all sound that dull.


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